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My Husband and have been in the sales business for over 25 years with a brick and mortar business. Our motto was PERSONAL SERVICE with each and every customer. We knew most of them by name and that was our ninch since there were several larger businesses in the area selling the same product.. We believed that because we treated each one of our customers like family that they would come back time after time, and they did...We retired after 25 years but missed the connection with our customers so we started an e-commerce business using the same philosophy of Personalized Service.
We look forward to having the same relationship with each one of you. We promise that your shopping time with will be easy and enjoyable and you will want to come often to see all of our new products added weekly. We will be glad to hear from you about what kind of things you like, and put them in stock for you. We encourage you to let us know how we are doing. Looking Forward to doing business with you.